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About Brogdon Financial Solutions

About Brogdon Financial Solutions

At Brogdon Financial Solutions we draw on 36 years of experience in the financial services business.  We have seen the financial world change, develop, and grow, and we have had the strength and flexibility to help our clients adapt to changes while remaining grounded in the clarity and values that are expressed in their goals.  We have had the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing our clients reach their goals. A postcard from a client who is visiting a place on his/her bucket list is a happy event and confirmation of success.

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Make Informed Choices. Understand Your Options For Gaining Financial Independence.

Planning for Financial Independence

What does financial independence mean for you?  That depends on your interests, your values, and your lifestyle.

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You Face

What keeps you from reaching your goals?  What steps do you need to take to overcome the obstacles?

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the Challenges

Let’s break down your challenges into achievable and measurable steps to make the path clearer and the progress more visible and satisfying.

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Client Engagement

Client Engagement

Conversation is the key to your success. We need to hear from you about your goals, your aspirations, and your values. We also need to build a clear picture of your professional, personal, and financial life.

This gives us a good foundation for planning the next steps you want to take toward achieving financial independence.

All our conversations are confidential. Your information is protected and secure. Your privacy is a priority for us.

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How much risk are you taking in your portfolio? How much will your portfolio drop in a market decline? No one can answer these questions precisely. But, we can look at market behavior under different conditions in the past and get a sense of what might happen.

There are so many variables in the stock market that no one has ever successfully taken all into account. Some stock market variables include the irrational factors of fear and greed.

You can take steps to understand your own risk/reward profile. You can manage the level of risk you take and match that level of risk to your own time horizon.

Take the Riskalyze questionnaire and learn more about your investment profile. (Riskalyze analysis will only be provided to residents of states where Treadway Brogdon is licensed as a registered representative.)

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